Thursday, November 11, 2010

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The Volumizer mascara brush is key to customized volume for the lashes. A two-step process adjusts the amount of make-up deposited on the lashes to give two great make-up looks to choose from:
Step 1: Defined volume - separates and defines lashes, preparing them for the ultimate volume experience. The Step 1 brush is lightly loaded with just the right amount of product to coat the lashes. It separates and lengthens the lash line. For those looking for natural volume, Step 1 is all you need.
Step 2: Boosted volume – up to 11 times more volume
Step 1 + Step 2: By using the Step 2 brush after Step 1, this fully loaded Step 2 brush coats lashes
and boosts their impact to the max. With 11 times more volume, the effect is breathtaking and clump free.
An innovative ultra-volumizing formula enriched with fortifying and restorative ceramide, natural waxes and provitamin B5 to strengthen lashes.

The result? An intensely volumized and plumped lash line with no clumps – The eyes are noticeably enhanced….all thanks to the ‘transformable’ brush that gives up to 11 times more volume with no clumps. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.
Only $20, visit store locator to find store nearest you!

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